Aranya’s 25 year old journey is a symbol for us to show the world that natural dyes are the way forward towards a sustainable future for fashion. We host this celebration so that we may all come together to share, learn & grow. If you’re looking for places to stay in Munnar click here.


Registration fee:

22-23 Feb | Aranya 25 – INR 9,000 / $135 for International residents.

22-24 Feb | Aranya 25 + Michael Garcia Demonstration (Day 1) – INR 16,000 / $240 for International residents.

22-25 Feb | Aranya 25 + Michael Garcia Demonstration (Day 1 & 2) – INR 23,000 / $345 for International residents.


International participants: Please note that while the registration is open, the payment process set-up is underway. We’ll send you a link for payment soon to complete your registration.


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Registration fee: Rs.9,000