Aranya means ‘of the forest’ and our dyes take birth from the natural bounty that nature discards – leaves, seeds, flowers, nuts – in beautiful Munnar.

Reviving Natural Dyes

From these precious gifts of nature we use traditional techniques to prepare a range of natural dyed fabrics in a variety of colors.

Providing livelioods to the differently abled

Aranya’s dream is to provide sustainable livelihoods, through sales of our natural dyed fabrics, for our craftsmen, the differently-abled youngsters of Munnar

Aranya 25

Aranya started as a small scale natural dyeing unit to employ persons with disability. Over time, guided by the vision of zero-waste and continuous learning philosophies, Aranya has grown to become one of the most recognized brands in the natural dyeing world. This journey of 25 years is a symbol for us to show-case to the world that natural dyes is the way forward towards a sustainable future of fashion, and we are hosting this celebration where people get together to share, learn, and grown in this field.


The art of making Natural Dyes is a unique repository of community heritage which Aranya seeks to preserve.

Our Expertise

We use a range of techniques, indigenous and adopted, to produce soft, lustrous fabrics. We specialize in using Batik, Shibori, tie & dye, block printing & mordant printing.

Our Process

The attention to detail at each step of the dye-making process results in the top-notch products that consistently meet the needs of quality-conscious buyers around the world.

Our People

While Aranya Natural’s products are undoubtedly gifts of nature, they are also a tribute to the human spirit. We have grown at a tremendous pace these past 25 years and we owe all our success to our talented people.

Handcrafted at Aranya

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